Run Minima

Step 1

Install Open Web Start - the new updated version of Java Web Start

Download Open Web Start

Step 2

Download the Minima JNLP file.. and open / double-click it.. this will install as an application and update automagically when you start it in future..

Minima JNLP


On windows the procedure should work almost seamlessly. The JNLP will be opened automatically by Open Web Start.

If NOT - right click on the file and choose 'Open With' and select Open Web Start.


If you install OpenWebStart FOR ALL USERS, which requires admin rights and will ask for a password, the file association works so that when you click the JNLP file it opens it correctly with OpenWebStart and not Java.

If you install just for you - the file association does not seem to work.. so you will need to Command+Right Click the JNLP and choose OpenWebStart to open the file..

If you chosse 'Other' - you can then set it as the default option so the next time it does it automatically..

You can do this..